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1  LoveHoney Rating: 100%
LoveHoneyRanks #1  , because is on of the largest sex toys shop with more than 5,000 products in stock for despatch today. Guaranteed low prices Swift, secure, discreet and very, very sexy!
 Reviewed 05/05/2010 14:34:38, by Darius Royle

LoveHoney stocks a wide range of vibrators, dildos, lingerie and condoms. Swift, secure, discreet and very, very sexy. Free delivery on all orders over 34.99. Includes a gift wrap and sexy message service where your total privacy is guaranteed!
LoveHoney is the largest UK sex toys shop with more than 5,000 products in stock for despatch today. Guaranteed low prices on sex toys, vibrators, dildos and sexy lingerie - cheap sex toys are here!
2  Ann Summers Rating: 97%
Ann SummersRanks #2  
 Reviewed 05/05/2010 14:34:38, by Darius Royle

Ann Summers is a must for Sex Toys including Rampant Rabbit, Rampant Rabbit Deluxe, vibrators, dildo's, sexy lingerie, bridal lingerie, nurses outfits, chocolate body paints, fluffy hand cuffs, lotions and potions. From a G-spot massager to a clitoral stimulator; a Rampant Rabbit to a love egg; a cock ring to a butt-plug. Ask yourself - why settle for one orgasm when multiples await...
3  sexshop365 Rating: 96%
sexshop365Ranks #3  
 Reviewed 05/05/2010 14:34:38, by Darius Royle

sex toys and the UK's largest online sex shop. They have an extensive product range, with big brand names covering toys, clothes, adult videos and DVD's, lotions and potions, and are an authorised dealer for big name manufacturers such as Delta & Doc Johnson.

Sexshop365 is dedicated to providing superior customer service and easy accessibility. Feel confident in knowing that when calling from work, in the car or even home with the kids, the Customer Service Representatives will offer excellent product knowledge and answer your most intimate questions and concerns in a professional, discreet manner.

Sex Toys for ladies like Rabbits & Bunnies, Finger vibrators, Bullets and Eggs, Inflatable's, and many more to set your erotic fantasies alive! Each will bring you to your expected erotic desire and take you on through to orgasm.

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Sex Toy Guide

What is a sex toy?

In theory, almost anything can take the role of a "sex toy." Other than two human bodies, anything else introduced into sex play qualifies as either a prophylaxis (contraception and disease prevention) or a toy (recreation). For our purposes, a sex toy is any object brought into sex play to enhance the pleasure of both people involved. Keep checking this guide as updates, including more detailed descriptions and pictures, are on the way.

Included in this guide are sections coering the following sex toys:Vibrators,Dildos,Butt plugs,Cock rings,"Spanish Fly",Lubricants,Clothing and Lingerie,Food,Drugs,Vibrators

What kinds of vibrators are there?

Vibrators come in three distinct "types". Many women find satisfaction in this most common (and more often thought of), the classic penis-shaped, battery powered shaft of plastic. These suffer, however, from a lack of real power and inconvenient battery death.

The second type of vibrator, the "wand" vibrator, overcomes these problems with wall current. These large, club-shaped vibrators provide LOTS of stimulation, and wall current provides all the power you could ask for, but the designers apparently intended for people not to view these things as sex toys, but as "personal massagers," and the ungainliness of these things reflects that.

The third type of vibrator, the "handle" type, looks vaguely like a small hairdryer with a small, perpendicular shaft out of the thicker end to accommodate a variety of soft plastic or latex heads. The best of all possible worlds, these vibrators never die, fit in one hand, and can provide a variety of sensations.

Shower Massagers make a wonderful variation on the classic vibrator, and if you enjoy the warmth and wetness of the tub, you probably want to consider investing in a shower massager. Like the wand and handle vibrators, shower massagers have a host of uses beyond masturbation.

Where do I go to buy a vibrator?

Don't make buying a vibrator a traumatizing experience. If you MUST have one of those penis-shaped things, most lingerie shops carry them. But most department stores sell the "wand" or "handle" vibrators under the guise of "personal massagers," and buying one from reputable department stores means a warranty, you can return it if unsatisfied, and it won't have "Doc Johnson's Love Machine" emblazoned across it in pink letters in case mother comes to visit.

What should I know about using a vibrator?

Before using any mechanical vibrator, apply lubrication! Your lover probably does not rank friction burns in the same category as love bites. Use a water-based lubricant, such as K-Y (always recommended), Aegis, or Wet.

Are there any kinds of vibrators I should avoid?

Do not purchase a vibrator specifically designed to deliver heat to the body as a sexual device. If they work on muscles, great, but don't use them on your cunts and cocks. I know of at least one case where a woman burned herself with one of these things because her climaxes were so strong she didn't notice how much the heater had burned her.

My girlfriend and I have never used a vibrator. What should I know?

Nobody knows how to masturbate YOU better than you do, and the same rule applies to everybody else. Don't use a vibrator on someone else until you've watched them use it on themselves, preferably several times. Men, especially, should watch how their girlfriends/wives use the vibrator alone before taking the reins.

Can I be replaced by a vibrator?

No mechanical piece of plastic can replace the love and affection of a human being; try to see the vibrator as just another toy, and not as competition. Vibrators cannot do the dishes or take out the garbage, and they cannot gives hugs or kisses or hold you.

Do vibrators cause a woman to become less sensitive?

Some women do experience a temporary desensitization after the effects of a powerful vibrator, but put the toy away for a week and sensitivity returns to normal. Vibrators do not cause long-term desensitization.

A final word on vibrators

Should you buy a vibrator? That is a choice for you and/or your partner to make. Talk with them about this. If you can't talk with them about things like "should we buy a vibrator" then the whole purpose of making love comes into question but you're crazy if you think I am going to discuss that here.

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